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With the silk eyelash insertion system you can have effective and striking eyes. Your lashes will look fuller without riming. Silk eyelashes made of pure silk are placed one by one according to the eye structure during processing. 

Silk Eyelash Types

3D Light Kirpik

Attention should be paid to the construction stages of your silk eyelashes. Since most of the time your skin touches your skin in terms of your health, adhesives and eyelashes must definitely be approved by the Ministry of Health.

As you can understand from the name of 3D application, you can have more realistic look and more effective view because there are 3 eyelashes attached to one eyelash.



It is recommended that you apply water for 48 hours after applying silk eyelash application. If you are using a lens, you should remove it when applying silk eyelash.

After 48 hours, there are no inconveniences to enter the bathroom with silk eyelashes, into the pool or pool. 

The duration of this application is approximately 1-1.5 hours on average. 

Who Prefers

The silk eyelash  application may be preferred by every beautiful woman who wants to look good in makeup.

reasonable price high quality

Our silk eyelash specialist has won 1st prize by proving himself in this field.

You can benefit from these magic spells. All you need is an appointment request.

Types of Silk Eyelashes

Silk Eyelash application has its own different operations. The silk eyelashes chosen by our expert are applied with 3d, 4d, 5d, Classic , and different options according to the eye structure and preferred density of the quiche .

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